Several Ways to Find an Excellent Tax Attorney

Regardless of the type of tax dispute you are facing, there are several ways to find an excellent Tax Attorney in your area. While most tax disputes are handled administratively, there are some more complex cases that call for an experienced attorney. In these situations, an Enrolled Agent is a great alternative to a traditional Tax Attorney. Enrolled agents are […]

What Can a Tax Attorney Do for You?

A seasoned IRS attorney can help you fight against the charges against you. The agency may have erred in their audit because they interpreted the facts or the law improperly. You should consider whether you have the right to appeal or if the actions are unwarranted and should be avoided at all costs. The attorney should also discuss the best […]

What is Excise Tax and How it is Imposed?- Read a Tax Attorney’s Insight

Tax Assessment and Collection is the process of determining a property’s value, and the IRS uses the appraised value to calculate the assessed value, said NewJerseyTaxAttorney.Net. There are several different exemptions and assessment ratios, and many property owners choose to lower their assessed value rather than paying more. This can lead to a lot of confusion and missed opportunities for […]

Family Law: Custody of Children, Visitation Rights and Support

When deciding on Child Custody, the court will consider many factors. Often, the parents agree on the schedule of visitation, but the court will also consider the best interests of the child. One of the biggest considerations is the child’s preference. If the child is old enough to make a preference, the court will consider the child’s relationship with other […]